Enercan Benefits


The Benefits of Smart Metering

Detailed Benefits include:

Allows for faster outage detection and restoration of service by a utility when an outage occurs and therefore, less disruption to a customers home or business.

Provides customers with greater control over their electricity use when coupled with time-based rates, increasing the range of different pricing plans available to customers and giving them more choice in managing their electricity consumption and bills.

    Smart Meters enable a utility to measure a customers electricity usage in hourly increments.

    If a customer elects to participate in time-based rates offered by the utility, they have the opportunity to lower their electricity demand during peak periods (the peak period for most utilities are summer afternoons) and potentially save money on their monthly electric bill.

    Allows customers to make informed decisions by providing highly detailed information about electricity usage and costs. Armed with a better understanding of their energy use, consumers can make informed decisions on how to optimise their electricity consumption and reduce their bills.

    Customers with Smart Meters today can access their prior days electricity usage through our website.

    In the near future, by installing an in-home display device that communicates wirelessly with a Smart Meter, a customer could monitor their electricity usage and costs in real-time (similar to the price and quantity displays on a gas pump), allowing them to adjust their usage instantaneously in response to changes in prices or system reliability events, for example by delaying the use of a high-energy appliance or shutting it off.  This could be done manually or automatically by pre-programming the device or appliance.

    In the near future, it may be possible for a customer to receive automatic alerts (via emails or text messages) to notify them of when the electricity consumption exceeds a pre-determined threshold.

    Helps the environment by reducing the need to build power plants, or avoiding the use of older, less efficient power plants as customers lower their electric demand.